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GRI8-06B AC DC Current Sensor Relay Din Rail Current Testing Relay 24-240V

For AC / DC measurement

GEYA Current Monitoring Relay is a solid-state relay with SPDT silver cadmium oxide contact and quick-connect terminals. It features start-up inhibit adjustable hysteresis, multiple voltages, automatic or manual control and LED relay status indicator. Our Current Monitoring Relay is suitable for industrial, automation and process control.

GEYA Current Monitoring Relay is with current measuring through an internal shunt. Programmable latching or inhibit at a set level for mounting on DIN-rail accordance with DIN/EN. It has LED indication for relay, alarm and power supply ON. It can be used to avoid relay operation when not desired.

GEYA Current Monitoring Relay is a complete current solution which mounts directly to a DIN rail. It allows the user to monitor the current of one circuit and switch another circuit in case of an overcurrent or undercurrent condition.

Our Current Monitoring Relay has LED indicator, the green LED is on when power is applied to the input terminals and the red LED blinks during time-out and is ON when the output is energized.


  • Serves for monitoring of heating in rail-switches, heating cables, consumption of one-phase motors, indicates current flow.

Function Features

  1. Adjustable delay 0.1 – 10 s to eliminate short current peaks.
  2. Flexible adjustment by potentiometer, choice of 6 ranges: AC 0.05-0.5A; AC 0.1-1A; AC 0.2-2A; AC 0.5-5A; AC 0.8-8A; AC 1.6-16A
  3. Power up delay.
  4. Possible to use for current scanning from current transformer.
  5. Universal supply AC/DC 24 – 240 V.
  6. Relay status is indicated by LED.
  7. 1-MODULE,DIN rail mounting.

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