LD-102 Single Channel Metal Vehicle Loop Detector

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LD-102 Single Channel Metal Vehicle Loop Detector

Why use the Energy Power vehicle loop detectors ?

  • With years of technology precipitation and accumulation, the vehicle detectors produced by Energy Power have won some international and European brands and domestic low-end products with excellent quality, good cost performance, and excellent after-sales service. With the recognition of more and more foreign customers and friends, we have gradually opened up the popularity in foreign countries, and the LOOP Detector has gradually formed a complete series. At the same time, we are committed to helping some Wholesaler and Dealer Provides OEM Service based on the concept of development and growing up together.

High sensitivity and frequency setting :

  • Energy Power Loop Detector has 16 levels of sensitivity, and the customer can flexibly set the sensitivity according to the specific case. At the same time, our vehicle detector has 4 different application frequencies. For some cases with very close entrances and exits, we set different frequencies by flexible setting dialing, which effectively solves the problem that the coil distance is too short and causes the same frequency. Interference problem.

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