JTBR-110 High-quality Heavy duty AC barrier gate

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JTBR-110 High-quality Heavy duty AC barrier gate

for car parking Management

Product Description :

  • The gate is usually composed of a reduction gear box, a motor, (or a hydraulic) transmission mechanism, a balancing device, a chassis, a barrier arm., etc. The electric gate can be independently realized by wireless remote control or can be managed through a parking lot RFID system. The system is automatically managed and is often used in conjunction with the sense of the ground loop detectors (vehicle detectors).

Application Of Road Gates :

1.Parking Lot: Road gates are widely used in parking lots to ensure that only authorized vehicles enter or leave the lot by providing effective vehicle entry and exit management control.

2.Subdivisions or communities: Many subdivisions or communities are equipped with gates systems to control the entry and exit of non-resident vehicles. This helps to increase security and avoid access by unauthorized persons.

3.Businesses and Institutions: Large businesses and institutions may use gates to manage vehicle access, restricting access to the campus or premises to staff or authorized vehicles.

4.Highway Tollbooths: Road gates are also commonly used at highway tollbooths to collect tolls by controlling the passage of vehicles. Vehicles are required to pay the appropriate fees before the gates are lifted to allow vehicles to pass.

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