PUHF-9-12 Long Range UHF Reader

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PUHF-9-12 Long Range UHF Reader

RFID Description :

  • As an RFID manufacturer, Energy Power provides customers with various RFID frequency card reader solutions, including short range RFID card reader, middle range reader, long range UHF reader, 2.45Ghz long-distance card reader. Energy Power’s long-distance card reader UHF has two frequencies of 860-868Mhz and 902-928Mhz. It is commonly used in parking lot vehicle access management systems. According to the on-site environment, the UHF reading range can reach 12-15 meters, except for induction passive cards. In addition, it can be used with various UHF stickers/tags

RFID Advantage :

  • UHF passive long range reader, working like GP99 proximity reader, also provides customers with a very good experience, so that customers do not need to open the car window in rainy days. The UHF passive tag can be attached to the outside of the car, and it will automatically work with the UHF reader when it passes, avoiding the customer being wet by rain, which greatly reduces the the risk of car robbery at the entrance is an ideal solution for applications such as parking lot access management, personnel management, and any tracking management system

Product Overview :

♦ Integrated UHF long range reader, using the UHF band RFID technology, which has the following characteristics;

♦ Operating frequency is from 902-928MHz//865-868MHz, adjusted according to different countries and regions;

♦ Directional antenna technology, recognizes only the front of the card reader;

♦ Power is less than 0.5W, in line with international environmental standards;

♦ Used in a metal chassis, or used independently;

♦ Reading distance 10-15 meters (depending on the antenna);

♦ Support eligible ISO1800-6B, ISO1800-6C (EPC G2) protocol passive RFID cards;

♦ Using standard wigand 26/34 output interface for direct access to wigand Interface System;

♦ Working modeground :sensor mode or continuous mode;

♦ Reserve RS232 \ RS485 interface, which can be connected to a PC.

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