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Trombone / Type for Gas air source absorption heat pump : Catalogs : Download

Models : SS-050GB-U / for R717 / Function : / Regenerator flow : GPM./ m3/h / Condenser : 1700Btu/h 0.5kW.

HZSS’s gas air source absorption heat pump coils are applicable to ammonia absorption type air conditioners or heat pumps. The inner tube is

made of stainless steel and is resistant to ammonia solution corrosion. The coolers, condensers and regenerators.Cooling system.

Product Feature

1.Water flow in the inner tube and refrigerant flow in gap between the inner and outter coil, to

enhance turbulence intensity and heat transfer coefficient.

2.Spirally corrugated inner tube increase heat transfer surface to creat higher efficiency.

3.Reliable with higher pressure stand and less welding points.

4.Anti-freezing and self-cleaning.

5.In gas air source absorption heat pump, the cooler is an important component, while the ammonia

gas is mixing with ammonia liquid, theheat is absorbing and releasing by gas and liquid.

6.HZSS coaxial coil heat exchanger is designed with spirally corrugated

inner tube, to let the ammonia gas and liquid to mix completely.

7.This heat exchanger with long passage is suitable for heat gradual

absorption and release process.

Test condition : Cooler: water inlet temp 45℃, water outlet temp 51℃, ammonia inlet temp 85℃, ammonia

outlet temp 46℃.

Condenser: water inlet temp 51℃, water outlet temp 55℃, condensing temp 60℃.

Test condition: Cooler: water inlet temp 113℉, water outlet temp 123.8℉, ammonia inlet temp 185℉, ammonia

outlet temp 114.8℉.

Condenser: water inlet temp 123.8℉, water outlet temp 131℉, condensing temp 140℉.

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