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JT26 Φ400mm Horizontal Profile Projector


  1. Strong general-purpose property, beautiful shape and convenient operation. 
  2. Up-down and work stage movements adopt imported V straight line guide, transmission is comfortable And convenient. 
  3. Two illuminations systems ( high and low) can meet illumination requirements of different work pieces And materials
  4. Image of screen is very clear and shapely. 
  5. Reflection illumination adopts fiber-optic transmission, so it has the features of small-volume, 
  6. High-brightness and easy-operation. 
  7. Its accuracy is very high, it also has a strong stability and reliability
  8. Worktable is make of aluminum alloy material, so its weight is very light
  9. Digital displayer uses digits on to display length and angle

        Technical Parameters : 

  1. Screen diameter: Φ400mm
  2. Rotary range: 0-360°
  3. Rotary resolution: 1'
  4. Rotary angle accuracy: 4'
  5. Workstage:  Table size X coordinate(mm) Y coordinate(mm) Z coordinate(mm) 450 X 150 200 80(focus) 150
  6. Resolution: 0.001mm
  7. Accuracy of X. Y axis: (3+L/75)μm L Unit: Mm
  8. Objectives:  Magnification View-field on object(mm) Working distance(mm) 10X Φ35 88.376 20X Φ17.5 81.375 50X Φ7 54 100X Φ3.5 44.9
  9. Error of magnification 0.08%
  10. Illumination:  Contour illumination: 24V, 150W halogen tungsten bulb Surface illumination: 24V, 150W halogen tungsten bulb
  11. Machine overall size: 867*443*942mm (L X W X H))
  12. Weight: 150KGS

             Application : 

     Usages : 
The instrument can test effectively profile, section and surface shapes of various complex workpieces, such as templates, punching pieces, cams, gears, forming cutters, mercerizes etc. It is widely used in workshops and measuring station of those industries: Machinery, instruments & meters, watches, moulds and electronics and so on. 

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