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11,000.00 USD

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ราคารวม 11,000.00 USD



Universal Vertical Profile Projector 350mm, 200mm*80mm


  1. With beautiful appearance and high precision in measurement, it is convenient for operation.
  2. Casting aluminum is selected for the processing of worktables, light in weight;
  3. The fiber transmission is adopted for the reflecting illuminating, which is small in dimensions, high in Its brightness and convenient for uses;
  4. The two high-and-low adjustable illumination intensities for transmission illuminating can be adaptable For measuring requirements of different workpieces;
  5. Real-time temperature display of transmission illuminating, reflecting illuminating and worktable can Automatically alarm when overheating.

          Technical parameters :

  1. Screen diameter: φ 350 mm
  2. Rotation range: 0~360°
  3. Workstage: Table size X coordinate(mm) Y coordinate(mm) Z coordinate(mm) 326 X 150 200 80 100(focus)
  4. Accuracy of the instrument: (3+L/75)μ M L Unit: Mm
  5. Load capacity of the worktable: 5KGS
  6. Lighting source Transmission lighting: 24V 150W Halogen tungsten lamp Reflecting lighting: 24V 150W Halogen tungsten lamp
  7. Objective Magnification View-field on object(mm) Working distance(mm) 10X Φ 35 88.376 20X Φ 17.5 81.375 50X Φ 7 54 100X Φ 3.5 44.9
  8. Machine overall size: 775× 440× 980mm (L x W x H)
  9. Weight: 150 KGS

             JT27  Spec :

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