45A EV motors Fixed car 500VDC fuse H10H Series

รหัสสินค้า : H10H45


3.50 USD

4.00 USD

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Fixed car 500V DC fuse / Fast fuse links

1. Purpose and use

This series fuse is suitable for the rated dc voltage to 500 v, rated current to 50 a line, as the automotive battery, car line system as well as the comprehensive protection of inverter, at the same time has a strong current limiting capability, high breaking capacity, short circuit breaking speed etc, and can tolerate temperature impact, chemical, mechanical vibration, shock, current shock load, etc., this series of products in compliance with ISO 8820 and JASO D622 as well as the provisions of GB/T31465.

2. Normal working conditions

Ambient air temperature normal operating conditions: -5℃ ~ 40℃; Permitted conditions: -40℃ ~ 90℃;

When the fuse works at the temperature above 40℃, the rated current needs additional correction.

The altitude

Normal operating conditions: no more than 2000m; Permitted conditions: no more than 3500m;

Note; The altitude will lead to the influence of product insulation deterioration, thermal deterioration and atmospheric pressure.

3.Use categories

"AR" means fast fuse for full range protection.

4. Structural features

This product fusion tube adopts the special material, high temperature resistant, flame retardant high performance, hardness is strong, the melt made of 99.99% pure silver variable cross-section melt encapsulated in the fuse tube, fuse tube is filled with chemical treatment of high purity quartz sand and special chemical materials as arcing medium, contact the silver plating processing, ensure reliable electrical performance, greatly reduces the temperature rise and power consumption; The two ends of the melt are firmly connected by spot welding and contact

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